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Summer course 1 July 2016 - medium group - lesson 1

1. Dialogue 1







- So, what did you think of the Johnsons?

- Meh...

- Meh? How interesting!

- Well, what do you want me to say? He's boring and she's simply crazy...

- Well, I disagree. I thought they were lovely!

- Oh, please, Laura! What's more, they're not very intelligent! Did you hear what he said about the Prime Minister?

- Well, that'll teach you not to talk about politics at the table. 

- And what's all that yoga nonsense she was talking about?

- Well, yes, I agree, she was a bit strange... But what a gorgeous woman, don't you think?

- Not my type... But I think she found me attractive!

- Oh, don't be silly!

- What?! She was staring at me all evening!

- Oh well. Let's agree to disagree. Anyway, we're seeing them on Tuesday at the golf course!

- Oh, no!

Dialogue - 1
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2. Dialogue 2 - Position in the family








It’s eight o’clock and time for Breakfast Time.

Presenter Good morning, everyone. Our guest this morning is the American writer Norah Levy. Norah’s here in Britain this week promoting her new book ‘We are family’, which is all about how our position in the family affects our personality. Welcome Norah.

Norah Thank you.

Presenter Now is this really true, Norah, that our position in the family affects our personality?

Norah Sure. OK, other factors can influence your personality too, but your position in the family is definitely one of the strongest.

Presenter So tell us a bit about the oldest children in a family - the first born.

Norah Well, the oldest children gel maximum attention from their parents and the result is that they're usually quite self-confident people. They make good leaders. The famous Prime Minister. Winston Churchill, was a firstborn child. They're often ambitious and they're more likely to go to university than their brothers or sisters. They often get the top jobs too. Oldest children are also responsible people, because

they often have to look after their younger brothers or sisters. The downside of this is that sometimes this means that when they're older they worry a lot about things. They can also be quite bossy, and even aggressive, especially when they don't get what they want.

Presenter What about the middle child?

Norah Well, middle children are usually independent and competitive.

Presenter Competitive?

Norah Yes, because they have to fight with their brothers and sisters for their parents' attention. And they're usually sociable, they like being with people, probably because they have always had other children to play with. However, on the negative side middle children are often jealous of their brothers and sisters and they can be moody.

Presenter And youngest children?

Norah If you're the youngest in a family, you'll probably be very charming, very affectionate, and probably quite a relaxed person. This is because parents are usually more relaxed when they have their last child. On the other hand youngest children are often quite lazy. This is because they always have their older brothers and sisters to help them. And they can be quite manipulative - they use their charm to get what they want.

Presenter OK, that's all very interesting. Now, I'm an only child. People often have the idea that only children like me are spoilt. Is that true?

Norah Well, of course it's true! Only children arc the only ones - they don't have to share with anyone - so they're often spoilt by their parents and their grandparents. As a result they can be quite selfish. They think of themselves more than of other people.

Presenter OK. Well, that sounds like a good description of me! Is there any good news?

Norah Yes, there is. On the positive side, only children are usually very organized and responsible, and they can be very imaginative too.

Presenter Well, thank you, Norah, and good luck with the book. And now it's lime for the news headlines...

Dialogue 2 - Position in the family
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3. Song

Some hope for the future
Some wait for the call
To say that the days ahead
Will be the best of all

We will build bridges
Up to the sky
Heavenly lights surrounding
You and I

From out of the darkness
Our future will come
If we leave the past behind
We'll fly beyond the sun

We'll be together
Sharing the load
Watching in wonder as our lives unfold

Hope for the future
It's coming soon enough
How much can we achieve?
Hope for the future
It will belong to us
If we believe
If we believe

Hope shines brightest in the dark
When nothing's ever seen
Lighting undiscovered places
No-ones ever been

Some hope for the future
Some wait for the call
To say that our destiny
Will be the best of all

And we will build bridges
Up to the sky
And heavenly lights
Surrounding you and I

Hope shines brightest in the dark
Where nothing's ever seen
Lighting undiscovered places
No-one's ever been

Paul McCartney - Hope For the Future
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