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Cup of Tea - August 2016 - Lesson 1





- Come in! Great to see you! How are you?
- I'm fine, thanks! And you?
- I'm great! Would you like some coffee?
- Oh, yes, that would be wonderful!
- Milk?
- No, thanks.
- Sugar?
- Yes, please .
- How much?
- Just a teaspoon, please.

Dialogue 1 - Cup of Tea
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Stephen, works in a pub in Manchester

“British people like children, but they don’t like children in restaurants or pubs. In my pub we have a rule: "No children under 12". People in Britain drink a lot of tea with milk - “white tea”. It’s very good! They also drink a lot of coffee - cappuccino and espresso are really popular. But English coffee is not very good.

Sandra, a student at Bristol University

England is not a good country for smokers! Now you can’t smoke in all English coffee bars and restaurants. In my room at university I live with one French girl. She doesn't smoke. So, when I want a cigarette I go into the garden.

Carlos, a tourist from Spain

In England people use their gadgets everywhere - on the train, on the bus, at the bus stop. They don’t look at you, they look into their smartphones! In Spain we don’t do it. We like to look at other people! Cars stop in Britain when you stand on the zebra crossing - it's great! Cars don't stop for you in Madrid.

Marilla, an au pair (гувернантка) from Brazil who works in Cambridge

I think my British family is very typical. The woman doesn't cook - she just puts a pizza in the microwave. But she watches cooking programmes on TV every day! The man cooks at the weekend - he makes fantastic Indian food. Their daughter eats fried chicken and chips and drinks coca-cola. And she often goes to Burger King. It’s terrible!


Typically English... - Cup of Tea
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I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too
I love her

She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her

A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her

And I Love Her - The Beatles
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