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London Eye - Medium - Unit 4

Dialogue 4

Dialogue 4 - London Eye
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- Oh, I'm starving!

- Dinner will be ready soon. And look what I've made for dessert!

- Oh, a trifle! Looks delicious! Can I have a spoonful?

- Oh, alright, you may have a taste... So, what do you think? Isn't it wonderful?

- Um, it's a bit unusual... What's in it?

- Oh, lots of things! First, some lady fingers, then jam, custard, whipped cream, beef, peas and onions, and more whipped cream on top!

- Wait a minute. Beef? In a trifle? Show me your recipe book!

- Oh no, is there anything wrong with it?

- Ah! That's what went wrong! The pages got stuck together! You made half an English Trifle and half a Shepherd's Pie!

Video. British food

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