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London Eye – Medium - Lesson 2

Dialogue 2

Dialogue 2 - London Eye – Medium
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- So how was your first year in Scotland?
- Oh, brilliant! It's such an amazing country!
- Not too chilly?
- Oh, aye, the climate is awful, it rains all the time!
- But the landscapes are breathtaking, aren't they? The hills, the lochs, the ocean...
- Oh, absolutely, out of this world! And the people are just lovely, despite the horrible accent.
- And the food must be fantastic as well!
- Not so much. The food's a bit heavy. They deep fry everything! They have deep-fried Mars bars at lunchtime!
- You must be joking!
- I wish! I've put on 10 kilos in one year!



Edinburgh is definitely the most Scottish of all cities. Around Castle Hill, the tourist centre of the city, all the tourist clichés come true.


Double-deckers form red spots in the Scottish rain. During all seasons you'll always have to take the rain into account (приходится считаться с дождем). But Scotland without rain would only be half as impressive! 

The ancient St.Giles Cathedral is one of the most important sights in the city. The first mention of a church at this place comes from 854. The building of today's church began in the year 1120. After a fire in 1385, the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style.

Bagpipers stand on almost every corner along the Royal Mile, and play characteristic melodies.


Edinburgh Castle has always been well-protected. Today, however, the guard doesn’t have to fight the English or the Anglo-Saxons, but they work for tourists from all over the world. 


From the Castle leads the Royal Mile with cafés, restaurants, and shops selling whisky.


Buildings are decorated with flags and coats of arms (гербы) here.


One of the most famous symbols of Edinburgh is the Gothic Scott monument. It's dedicated to the famous writer, Sir Walter Scott. The writer was born in Edinburgh in 1771. He popularised historic novels throughout the world.


Today, the Renaissance Castle, where Mary Stuart lost her lover, is the official residence of the British Queen in Scotland. There are many personal items (личных вещей) of Mary Stuart in the palace from the time that she spent in prison.


In the evening, after the tourists have returned to their hotels, Edinburgh enters into a unique dreamy atmosphere. 




The most famous lake in Scotland is, surely, Loch Ness - thanks to Nessie, the legendary monster. The legend was helping to attract thousands of tourists every year.


Gordon, a Nessie explorer, is convinced that the Loch Ness Lake is home not only to fish. He wants to prove that with a sonar (эхолот) picture.


"There's a little red dot just about here, which is a fish. There's this thing here, and it's about 5-6 metres long.”


So, does the monster Nessie really exist?


"For me there's something in this loch. But, certainly, the word 'monster' I will not use, because I don't think it is a monster. ‘Monster’… it's evil (злой). I don't think it's evil.”


And Gordon sets off again on an expedition. Naturally, with many tourists on board.




From water to the mountains. Only with a four-wheel drive you can make a trip without problems to the characteristic hills, the mountain world of Scotland.

"This is the Scottish kilt. There's eight meters of tartan in this kilt. There's a front apron (фартук), and then there's an apron under there, and it's all pleated (плиссированный) here at the back, and there's eight meters of tartan in it. Um, sometimes it's best left to the imagination what's underneath the kilt. On a windy day, then, a lot of people soon find out."


Back in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands. 

Inverness isn't only the capital of the Scottish Highlands, it's also the only town in the Highlands.

'Inver' means 'estuary' (устье реки) in Gaelic. It's a nice proud town with old stone buildings.


In Elgin, on the east Scottish coast, you can reveal the secret of Scottish kilts. Not what is worn under them, but how they are produced.


In the Johnston's Factory for Woollen Fabric, with has more than two hundred years of tradition, you can watch how wool or Scottish skirts are produced.

At Johnston's, the Scottish tartan also gets new fashionable colours.

A classical present from your trip to Scotland is a garment (предмет одежды) with a traditional Scottish pattern.

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