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London Eye -  Medium - Lesson 3

Dialogue 3

Dialogue 3 - London Eye – Medium
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- Look, Grandma, there's a letter for you from Buckingham Palace!
- How exciting! Would you read it for me, darling? Grandma has lost her reading glasses again.
- Let's have a look... "Dear Mrs Davis... Your remarkable charity work..." Grandma! You're going to meet the Queen! You're invited to the Royal Palace!
- Well, it's about time, isn't it! Finally, I’m going to have tea with the Queen!
- It doesn't say anything about tea, though...
- Well, I'm bringing scones and strawberry jam! And I'm going to make her a hat. A proper hat, not like the ridiculous ones she usually wears!
- I'm sure she'll be excited, Grandma. Although, I wouldn’t tell the Queen that her hats are 'ridiculous'.
- Friends always tell each other the truth! And I’m sure we'll be best friends with Her Majesty!
- Oh yes, I’m sure you'll get on very well... Where are you going, Grandma?
- Shopping of course! I need to get proper clothes! And... and a selfie stick.

What people think about the Royal Family

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