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London Eye 2017 -  Medium - Unit 6

Dialogue 6

Dialogue 6The London Eye
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- Hey, Jeremy, could you do me a favour?
- Sure, what is it?
- Could you give me a lift to the library? I've got a few books to return.
- Oh my god! Look at this pile! It's enormous!
- Yeah, I didn't use to read so much! I used to hate books!
- I know! You've never been such a nerd! So what's changed?
- I don’t know, something's just clicked inside my head, all I want to
do is learn!
- Wow, good for you!
- Ok, I’m just pulling your leg,... I haven't even opened these
books... I just have a crush on the librarian.

by William Somerset Maugham

Mabelby W S Maugham
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