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Summer course 2 - August 2016 - Medium group - Lesson 7




- Hi there, Norman! Isn't this your parking space?

- That's right! This IS my parking space! Some idiot has taken it, and I had to park at the back of the car park!

- What a cheek!

- I know! It  even has my name on it! But he had the nerve to park here anyway!

- This is simply appalling! You know what I would do? I would tell them off!

- Oh I will! I'll give them a piece of my mind!

- Oh look! I think that's the driver coming here!

- Aha!

- Wait, isn't that our new Head of Department?

- I think you're right! Oh well... It's an honest mistake. Can happen to anyone! It’s not a big deal, anyway!

Dialogue 5 - Medium - August 2016
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