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- So, what did you think of the Johnsons?

- Meh...

- Meh? How interesting!

- Well, what do you want me to say? He's boring and she's simply crazy...

- Well, I disagree. I thought they were lovely!

- Oh, please, Laura! What's more, they're not very intelligent! Did you hear what he said about the Prime Minister?

- Well, that'll teach you not to talk about politics at the table. 

- And what's all that yoga nonsense she was talking about?

- Well, yes, I agree, she was a bit strange... But what a gorgeous woman, don't you think?

- Not my type... But I think she found me attractive!

- Oh, don't be silly!

- What?! She was staring at me all evening!

- Oh well. Let's agree to disagree. Anyway, we're seeing them on Tuesday at the golf course!

- Oh, no!

Dialogue - 1
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Listening. Position in the Family








Dialogue 2 - Position in the family
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