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- Shall we go out for a coffee and some fresh air?

- Pfft. You call that 'fresh'? Now, down in Kent, that's where the air
smells heaven!

- It smells like cows and sheep!

- Well, without cows and sheep you city people would have nothing to eat!

- There is plenty of fantastic food in London, you know...

- Right... Perhaps, your cheese and your steak grow on trees?

- Actually, I'm a vegan.

- I'm sorry, I had no idea. It must be hard…

- Oh, no, it's not a disease... I'm perfectly fine!

- Are you sure? You don't look so well to me...

- Excuse me?

- Big city life is not a bed of roses! Always in a rush, head stuck in
your phone...

- Speaking of which, I really must go into a meeting, I'll catch you later!

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