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- Oh my...
- What's the matter?
- I've just got a text from Brian. He won't be coming to work today.
- What is it this time?
- Well, it might sound silly, but he got locked up in his own bathroom
and he can't get out!
- Don't tell me you bought it! Brian always makes up excuses to skip work!
- Do you think he's lying?
- Oh, I'm sure! The other week he told me he was late because his
poodle ate his keys.
- Did he? What a cheek!
- I wouldn't believe a word he says! He probably felt like staying in
and playing video games!

1 - Dialogue
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Journalist Hello and welcome to tins week's edition of All about you.
Today's programme's about taking up new activities, and how to succeed
at them. With us is psychologist Dr Maggie Prior. Good afternoon.

J Dr Prior, what tips can you give our listeners who are thinking of
learning to do something new?

MP Well, first of all I would say choose wisely. On the one hand,
don't choose something completely unrealistic. For example, don't
decide to take up sailing if you can't swim, or parachute jumping if
you're afraid of heights. On the other hand, don't generalize and
think that just because you aren't very good at one sport, you won't
be able to do any sports at all. I mean, just because you were bad at
gymnastics at school, doesn't mean that you might not love playing

J So think positive?

MP Definitely. And never think you'll be bad at something before
you've even tried it.

J OK, so, let's imagine I've started to learn to play tennis and I'm
finding it very hard work.

MP Well, first don't give up too quickly, carry on for at least a few
months. It often takes time to begin to enjoy learning something new.
Another thing that can help, if you're having problems learning
something, is to give it a break and then try again, perhaps a month
or two later.

J But what if I carry on and I find I really, really don't have a
talent for tennis?

MP I think the important thing is not to be too ambitious. I mean if
you've never done much sport and you decide to learn to play tennis,
don't expect to become the next Wimbledon champion. Just aim to enjoy
what you're doing, not to be the best in the world at it.

J But if, even after all this, I still feel I'm not getting anywhere?

MP Well, sometimes you do have to accept it and say, “OK, this really
isn’t my thing,” and you need to give it up. But why not try something
else? There are lots of other things you can learn to do. But remember
that if you take up an activity that you're really interested in, even
if you aren't very good at it, you'll make new friends because you'll
be meeting other people who have similar interests to you.

J So it might be good for my love life.

MP Exactly.

J Dr Maggie Prior, thank you very much.

2 - Taking Up a New Hobby
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