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Lesson 5

Persuading a friend

Persuading a friend - Situations
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 A: Hi, Zoë … ?

Z: Oh, hi, Anna … How are you? Are you OK?

A: Oh, yes, I’m fine … I’m just phoning because, well, I need some advice.

Z: Mmm? Advice? What about?

A: Oh, nothing major…  I’ve been looking at phones … and I’m trying to decide what to do. I mean, there’s this really nice phone I want … Well, I’ve just been looking at it in the shop … and I really like it. But, you know, I don’t really need a phone …

Z: Oh, but you’ve had your phone for ages … it’s pretty out-of-date now, isn’t it? Come on …  Treat yourself!

A: Do you think I should?

Z: Yes, you should just do it . Don’t worry about things so much. Is it really expensive?

A: Well, it’s more than I’m paying at the moment. But you get the phone itself free, if you go on a contract.

Z: Well, go for it then! If it’s only a bit more money … well, it’s not a huge deal, is it?  

A: Mmm … 

Z: If I were you, I’d just do it!

A: Yeah, maybe I should …

Z: Definitely … you  deserve it! I’m sure you won’t  regret it.

A: OK then. I will. Thanks, Zoë.

Visiting a psychic - Describing a dream

Visiting a psychic - Part 1 - Situations
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Dr Muller       So, tell me, what did you dream about?

Patient            I was at a party. There were a lot of people.

Dr Muller       What were they doing?

Patient           They were drinking, and talking.

Dr Muller       Were you  drinking?

Patient           Yes, I drinking champagne.

Dr Midler       And then what happened?

Patient           Then, suddenly I was in a garden. There were a lot of flowers...

Dr Muller       Flowers, yes... what kind of flowers?

Patient            I couldn't really see - it was dark. And I could hear music – somebody was playing the violin.

Dr Muller       The violin? Go on.

Patient           And then I saw an owl, a big owl in a tree...

Dr Muller       How did you feel? Were you frightened?

Patient            No, not frightened really, no, but I remember I felt very cold. Especially my feet - they were freezing. And then I woke up.

Dr Muller       Your feet? Mmm, very interesting, very interesting indeed...

Patient            So what does it mean, doctor?


Patient So what does it mean, doctor?

Dr Muller Well, first the party. A party is a group of people. This means that you're going to meet a lot of people. I think you're going to be very busy.

Patient At work?

Dr Muller Yes. at work in an office, I think?

Patient Yes, that's right.

Dr Muller I think the party means you are going to have a lot of meetings.

Patient What about the champagne?

Dr Muller Let me look at my notes again. Ah yes, you were drinking champagne. Champagne means a celebration. It's a symbol of success. So we have a meeting or meetings and then a celebration. Maybe in the future you’ll have a meeting with your boss, about a possible promotion?

Patient Well, it's possible. I hope so ...What about the garden and the flowers? Do they mean anything?

Dr Muller Yes. Flowers are a positive symbol. So, the flowers mean that you are feeling positive about the future. So perhaps you already knew about this possible promotion?

Patient No, I didn't. But it's true, I am very happy at work and I feel very positive about my future. That's not where my problems are. My problems are with my love life. Does my dream tell you anything about that?

Dr Muller Mm, yes it does. You're single, aren't you?

Patient Yes. Well, divorced.

Dr Muller Because the violin music tells me you want some romance in your life - you're looking for a partner perhaps?

Patient Yes. yes, I am. In fact I met a very nice woman last month - I really like her,... I think I’m in love with her. I’m meeting

her tonight...

Dr Muller In your dream you saw an a tree?

Patient Yes. An owl.. .a big owl.

Dr Muller The owl represents an older person. I think you'll need to ask this older person for help. Maybe  this 'older person’ is

me? Maybe you need my help?

Patient Well, yes, what I really want to know is... Does this person...this me?

Dr Muller You remember the end of your dream? You were feeling cold?

Patient Yes, my feet were very cold.

Dr Muller Well... I think perhaps you already know the answer to your question.

Patient You mean she doesn't love me.

Dr Muller No, I don't think so. I think you will need to find another woman. I'm sorry.

Visiting a psychic - Part 2 - Situations
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