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Summer course 1 July 2016 - difficult group - lesson 8




- So, tell me. How long have you been living in Shanghai?
- It's been nearly nine years now. Gosh, doesn't time fly!
- And would you say you've embraced the local culture? Do you feel at
home in Shanghai?
- I do now! Although, let me tell you, it did take time to get used to!
- What things in particular?
- Well, I guess, the Asian big city lifestyle was the biggest shock to me.
- How so?
- Well, it's the hustle and bustle of the city. The crowds, the
smells, the traffic. It all feels so overwhelming at first.
- And what about the local food? Was that ever an issue?
- Oh, definitely. I'm not a fussy eater, but some of the stuff they
eat here is simply mind-boggling! Once a really pushy man at the
market managed to sell me… Guess what!
- What?
- A snapping turtle. I couldn't eat it, so I kept it in my bath!
-  How bizarre! And what do you miss the most about home?
- I really miss proper butter and Tetley teabags.
- Isn't there plenty of tea in China?
- It's just not the same!
- I see.

Dialogue - Lesson 8
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