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- Do you mind if I finish off the cheese?

- Of course not! Go ahead!

- Thanks… Mmm!  It’s really delicious! What’s it called?

- It’s called Stilton. It’s traditional English cheese.

- Really? I thought Stilton was a blue cheese!

- Well, usually it is. But this is a rare kind of Stilton. It’s called Stilton White.

1 - Dialogue
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 Mr. Jones wrote to his brother Robert: "Would you like to come to the country with us on Sunday?" We have a good cook and I think you'll have a good time and good food. I'll meet you at the bus stop".

Robert was a shy man. He did not like to cause trouble to others, but he came. The bus arrived late in the evening on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jones had already had dinner but Robert had not even had time for lunch, but he was too shy to  say so. He said he had eaten a good dinner before he took the bus and was not hungry. He was so tired after the bus ride that he slept late on Sunday morning.

"Don't forget to give Robert a good breakfast", Mrs. Jones said to the cook. But the cook forgot, and Robert was too shy to ask her. They spent half of the day in the open air and arrived back at 2 o'clock. "We aren't going to eat until 4 o'clock because we had such a large breakfast," Mr. Jones said to Robert. "Would you like to go swimming?" "No, I don't think so," Robert said. "In fact, I don't feel very well. I haven't felt good for several hours." Mr. Jones got worried and insisted that Robert should see a doctor. Robert didn't want to cause any trouble, but they went.

The doctor could not discover the problem. The doctor said the symptoms Robert had were sometimes the result of the wrong food.

"You'd better not eat much dinner", he said to Robert. Robert was too weak to protest. The cook gave him some thin soup for dinner. He said good-bye to his brother at 8 o'clock, and immediately ate two meals, one after the other, in a restaurant. While he ate, he wrote a note to thank his brother for a good time. "I had fun," he wrote while he ate a second dessert. "You're lucky to have such a good cook. I shall never forget her meals".

Robert's Visit - Unit 4
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