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Summer course 1 July 2016 - difficult group - lesson 1





- So, what did you think of the Johnsons?
- Meh...
- Meh? What an interesting observation indeed. We do need to work on your conversation skills!
- Well, what do you want me to say? He's an old bore and she's as mad as a hatter...
- Well, I beg to differ. I thought they were simply delightful!
- Oh, for goodness' sake, Laura! They don't have a brain cell between them! Did you not hear what he said about the Prime Minister?
- Well, that'll teach you not to bring up politics at the table. And I for one think he was quite reasonable.
- Well, in that case you're out of your mind! And what's all that new-age nonsense she kept talking about?
- I'll give you that, she didn't make much sense to me either... But what a gorgeous woman, don't you think she looked lovely?
- Not my taste at all, although I think she found me attractive!
- Oh, don't be silly!
- What?! She kept making eyes at me all evening!
- Oh well. Let's agree to disagree. One way or another, we're seeing them on Tuesday at the golf course!
- Oh, no!

Difficult group - Dialogue 1
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Alex    ... so when I saw the notice in the paper, I immediately thought of Bill.
Liz    Bill?
A   Yeah, my old driving instructor. I still see him around sometimes.
L   Your driving instructor?
A   Yeah. I had driving lessons about... oh, fifteen years ago?
L   And you still remember him?
A   Well, he made a big impression on me. Er, I'd just turned seventeen and, erm, my parents said that, as a birthday present, they'd pay for me to have driving lessons.
L   That's a nice idea.
A   Well, it certainly was - because they said they'd pay until I passed and normally people will have maybe fifteen or twenty lessons ...
L  Right.
A   ... er, but I was such a terrible driver that I didn't pass until I was eighteen. I probably had about... oh, sixty lessons in all.
L   Sixty!
A   Yeah, it was an expensive present. Erm, anyway, my driving instructor - Bill - was an ex-policeman, and he had a little company called Sure-Pass Driving ...
L   OK.
A   ... and I have to say, I've never met anybody so patient.
L   Really?
A   Yes. He was the calmest person I've ever met. I mean, I was a really terrible driver. I was always getting things wrong, er, and on a few occasions we got into some dangerous situations.
L  Right.
A   But, erm, Bill always kept calm. Er, he would never shout, never lose his temper. He was quite a quiet guy but, er, one of those people who have a lot of, erm, inner strength, you know? Nothing seemed to bother him.
L   Did you ever consider giving up?
A   Yeah, I did. I mentioned it to him a few times but he'd always encourage me to carry on in that quiet way of his. He seemed to have confidence in me and of course that was really motivating.
L  So, he was a good teacher.
A   Yeah, absolutely. I didn't really appreciate it at the time but looking back, I think he was quite a positive influence on me. 
L   You mean in general? Not just on your driving? 

A  Exactly. He taught me a lot about, well, determination. And, er, I suppose he was a kind of role model for me.  
L   Being calm and patient... 
A   Yeah, I think they're really important things in life, so ... well, I owe him a lot.  
L   Well, maybe you should nominate him. When's the deadline?

Lesson 1 - Role model
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Some hope for the future
Some wait for the call
To say that the days ahead
Will be the best of all

We will build bridges
Up to the sky
Heavenly lights surrounding
You and I

From out of the darkness
Our future will come
If we leave the past behind
We'll fly beyond the sun

We'll be together
Sharing the load
Watching in wonder as our lives unfold

Hope for the future
It's coming soon enough
How much can we achieve?
Hope for the future
It will belong to us
If we believe
If we believe

Hope shines brightest in the dark
When nothing's ever seen
Lighting undiscovered places
No-ones ever been

Some hope for the future
Some wait for the call
To say that our destiny
Will be the best of all

And we will build bridges
Up to the sky
And heavenly lights
Surrounding you and I

Hope shines brightest in the dark
Where nothing's ever seen
Lighting undiscovered places
No-one's ever been

Paul McCartney - Hope for The Future
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